Kategorie: KASZ (Superelevant exclusive Artist)

KASZ is a creative artist born in Hamburg, Germany in 1987. From a young age, KASZ has always enjoyed being creative and has endless ideas for both small and large projects. He studied Expressive Arts in Social Transformation and loves working with language, imagery, and color to create thought-provoking pieces.

He finds inspiration from a wide range of sources, but he particularly loves the nature and music with a lot of vibe. When he's not creating art, he enjoys indulging in his favorite foood, pizza, and taking leisurely walks along the Elbe river. Currently, KASZ resides in the Altona district of Hamburg.

KASZ's passion for art extends beyond creating pieces solely for aesthetic pleasure. He aims to create works that have a positive impact on society and help promote social change. His works often explore themes related to identity, culture, and social issues.

Overall, KASZ is a talented artist with a deep passion for using his creativity to make a positive difference in the world. Through his work, he hopes to inspire others to think critically and engage in conversations that promote positive change.